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LLO/ONLC Conference 2017 - Call For Presenters

We are looking for presenters to provide workshops at the 2017 LLO/ONLC Conference and invite you to submit an application based on one or more of the workshop categories listed below. If you have a presentation that does not fit into these categories, but feel it would be appropriate for this conference, please feel free to submit it for consideration.

To apply, please download and fill in the application form and submit it via email to conference@laubach-on.ca.

Selection of Applications

A selection committee will be reviewing and selecting applications based on the following criteria:
  • the relevance of the topic to delegates’ needs
  • a balance of sessions that reflect the different streams/categories
  • evidence that the session will be well prepared
  • clarity and completeness of the application form

Only those applicants selected to present at the conference will be contacted.

Timelines for Submission Process

Tuesday, March 22, 2017                 Call for Presenters distributed and posted on website
Thursday, April 13, 2017                  Applications due in the LLO office via email (please provide photos of presenters)
Thursday, April 20, 2017                  Successful applicants notified
Workshop Presentation Categories
Note: Categories and suggested workshops from 1 – 6 are based on results of our recent training needs survey, are in order of priority, and include both Anglophone and Native Stream responses. Category 7 is specific to the Native Stream.  Category 8 is from learners/students surveyed.  These categories may be condensed (combined or amalgamated) in the actual conference program.


An honorarium of $200 will be paid for each workshop session.  Workshops can be repeated, if the schedule allows.
Workshops are 2 hours in length, with time allowed for workshop evaluation, and certificate distribution. If your presentation is longer than one session, the honorarium is $300.00 for a two-part and $400.00 for a three-part workshop. 
There are 4 sessions:
 Session 1 –Friday morning.  Session 2 - Friday afternoon.  Session 3 – Saturday morning.  Session 4 – Saturday afternoon. 

Travel & Accommodation

We are pleased to be able to offer free accommodation for one night, if you have to travel more than 100 km., but we are unable to cover travel costs.  If this is a barrier to you presenting at our conference, please note this on your application, and we will contact you to see what arrangements can be made.