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Training Post

Please note: To access the courses on our Training Post, if you don't already have an account, you will need to set one up for free by following these instructions.

The Training Post is LLO's online classroom. Course offerings for tutors and trainers include:
  • Integrating Essential Skills into Tutor Training
  • Learning Styles
  • Introduction to Learning Disabilities
  • Introduction to ESL Tutoring
  • Understanding the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF)
  • Problem Solving in the 21st Century - this course can be found under Tutor Training Section 3: Tutoring Strategies, Techniques and Resources
The LLO Training Post also offers courses for learners:
  • Budgeting in the 21st Century
  • Fire Safety
  • Understanding Government and the Legal System
  • Understanding Health Care
  • Laubach Way To Reading Level 1 (Time tested method that has taught millions of adults how to read.)

To access LLO Training Post visit http://laubach.extapps.alphaplus.ca/
If you don't already have an account you can set one up for free. Instructions to access Training Post can be downloaded here.