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Patricia's Story

Well I didn’t finish high school. No surprise there! I dropped out because I was always told I was stupid and that I wouldn’t get anywhere. So I just stop going and got lots of jobs moved around a lot. At 22 I had my first child and so I stopped working to take care of my children till they were old enough to not need me around as much. That’s when I tried getting a job but was not successful. I saw others get the job because they have their grade 12 so that made me very discouraged and clueless to what to do. Forever I wished I had finished high school but all I could do was dream. Well that’s what I thought.

One day at a wine course I discovered the Adult learning center.  They were helping me in every way they can. They had someone come in from Contact North talk to some of us on how to get our grade 12 diploma. I signed up and found out I needed 1 English and 3 other credits. So I applied for grade 12 English collage. Worked on it and found it was extremely hard so The Adult learning Center got me a tutor to help me get through it. We had lots of laughs and times we wanted to pull are hair out. There were even days that me, my tutor and the lady’s at the center were gathered together to figure out the question and answers. Those are the time I wish I had a camera.

Well the English ended in February and got my credit but jurying January I spoke to a lady from DSBN and found out that there was a computer course starting up in February at Grimsby Secondary School and it gave out 3 credits. Well guess what… I only needed 3 credits left to finish and graduate. I’m at an actual high school but with adult students and I can graduate with the high school kids in June. How perfect is that and my dream all rolled up in one.

June 25th at 5:30pm I will be graduating with the Grimsby Secondary school students and getting my certificate of grade 12. Next is to get a job or do some more schooling. Will have to wait and see what will happen and what my options are.

A year ago if you asked me to do this I would have said no way. Writing down paragraphs or putting my thoughts down on paper would not have happened. I have come a long way with the help of the Adult Learning Center. If it wasn’t for them pushing me and encouraging me it would not have happened.